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Activity that consists of the exploration of a rocky coast combining the practice of different activities such as climbing, swimming, jumping, etc.

Click on the link to see more pictures and videos: 

*Kids Coasteering

*Coasteering level 1 and 2

*Xtrem Coasteering


High Season (June-Sept.)

Level 1 45€/pers  Group mín. 6 pers

Level 2 55€/pers Group mín. 4 pers

Low Season (The rest of the year.)

Level 1 45€/pers  Group mín. 4 pers

Level 2 55€/pers Group min. 2 pers

       WHAT DO I NEED?

  1. Sport or running shoes.

  2. Swimming costume, towel and dry clothes.

  3. Swimsuit or wide bermudas and technical shirt or running short sleeves.

  4. Water, food/snacks and sun screen.


  1. Professional guides that will explain about the marine life (ratio approx. 1/5).

  2. All equipment necessary to enjoy the sport in safety.

  3. Xàbia Activa fully insure you against accident and liability.

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